the letting go

so almost two months after its release, why no big hype here about the letting go? am i the only one here who can't get enough of this great new album? i especially like dawn mccarthy's [faun fables] vox, and am particularly fond of the song then the letting go.
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bonnie "prince" billy live disc

last week i picked up the live bonnie "prince" billy disc on dual vinyl. summer in the southeast is awesome. it features matt sweeney on guitar [for all you superwolf fans], and a great live rendition of beast for thee. not to mention awesome live versions of oldham favs like i see a darkness, ease on down the road, take however long you want, and madeleine mary.

the nice man at the record store informed me that the next bonnie "prince" billy release will be a collaboration with tortoise!!! OMG yay!
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oh the excitement! (maybe)

At last! Something to post about. Dax Riggs, he used to be the singer in Acid Bath, has been covering Mr. Oldham lately. It sounds... you know, alright. We'll be seeing him, (Dax) next week in Atlanta... he tours with a drummer (who looks a bit like Tina Fey) as Deadboy and the Elephantmen. I don't know how to describe it, I'm sorry about that. In fact, I'm sorry for this whole post... unless someone finds it interesting. I can give you a link to Deadboy's website, if you'd like... or maybe I'm only catching up?

I just wish I knew of a way to share this... without feeling like a pirate :(

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Hey Guys

I'm a long time Oldham fan and I was wondering what some of your fav will related websites?
I've been to The Pulpit a bunch.
Can't find any Superwolf related sites.

Oh, and who's seen the documentary Tripping With Caveh?
The one where Will trips on shrooms with some director guy....
good times